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Article on H.O.P.E. in Miami Beach: The Miami Herald 2/7/2013
Help the homeless by sharing your skills BY BEA L. HINES BEA.HINES@GMAIL.COM More than a decade ago, the Rev. Pedro A. Martinez, watched the struggles of the homeless in Miami Beach. Then, he decide to do something about the problem. He designed and organized an outreach ministry to provide the homeless with much needed food, supportive services and community resources.Posted 2/7/2013
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Miami Herald writes about H.O.P.E. In Miami Beach
The reverend Pedro Martínez is known for his participation in various television programs, for example; La cosa nostra (now off the air), but few know that behind this religious man, half serious and half mischievous, there is a man committed to reality; for a decade he leads a foundation that helps the homeless...Posted 2/22/2012
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Former N.J. Governor, Disguises Self As Homeless To Expose System Shortcomings
Covered with a fake beard and touches of makeup, former New Jersey Gov. Richard Codey, became Jimmy Peters, a homeless Newark man. Accompanied by a social worker to get him into an emergency one-night stay, Codey -- now serving as a state senator -- showed up to the Goodwill Mission just before 9 p.m. Monday to survey the conditions of the homeless shelter where he would spend the night, MSNBC reports.Posted 3/7/2012
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Little miracles help homeless secure ID | The Miami Herald
Article published about HOPE in The Miami Herald, on January 16th. Posted 1/16/2009
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Articulo publicado en el Nuevo Herald acerca de HOPE
En el día de hoy, 15 de enero, fue publicado en el periódico El Nuevo Herald de Miami, una nota que describe las actividades de HOPE.Posted 1/15/2009
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Welcome to our web site

HOPE in Miami Beach is a non-profit faith based organization founded in 2002, with a vision to reduce the number of homeless people in Miami Beach by providing for self-sufficiency and improving the quality of life in our community by providing housing, psychological treatment, emotional therapy, medical treatment, substance abuse programs, job training and job placement, financial administration, spiritual support and hope, we will reduce homelessness.

As you know this social problem needs the support of everyone who is willing to make a difference.

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